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100%  Refreshing!

 Natural Skin Care

    Literally So Pure You Can Eat It!

Hello friends, JoJo here!

In today's environment, caring for our skin is crucial. We are constantly exposed to unwanted toxins daily. Although we can't always prevent what our skin is exposed to, we can however, prevent much additional exposure by using trustworthy, nature based products. 


We know that our bodies absorb everything we put on them. And most everything we put on them has harsh chemicals, toxins, synthetic fragrances, and ingredients most of us can't even pronounce.


At CoCoCrazy Oils™

and The Skin Conscience Awareness Company™ 

we know what Natural means; and we understand that the importance of Natural Skin Care

is essential in creating a healthy, vibrant life for you and your family.

Our commitment is our brand. 

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Keeping  You Encouraged
The Skin Conscience Awareness Company™ 
was adapted into our brand to bring healthy skin and lifestyle awareness, through encouraging information, helpful tips and productive resources.
In addition to offering you our unique natural skin care product options, our Blog provides dozens of
Insightful tips to benefit your
Healthy Lifestyle Journey. 
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What  Other's  Are  Saying...

“I love the consistency of your products as they are so easy to apply and I love how they make my skin feel soft and supple”. 


~Nancy Jamieson, Canada

“This is ONE of the MOST AMAZING products I have seen in a very long time. It can be used by ANYONE young or old. It's very moisturizing. It's 100% natural and it's edible! It makes dry cracked feet smooth, it makes dry elbows soft, it makes dry hands moist. It smells delicious.” 


~Sarah, Idaho

“LOVE these products! The lip balm is amazing and the Friction Addiction is beyond wonderful! It smells great, tastes delicious and feels unlike any other product I've tried.” 


~Amanda Hawthorne, Idaho