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  Meet  JoJo
Co-Founder/ CEO of CoCoCrazy Oils™ and The Skin Conscience Awareness Company ™
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CoCoCrazy Oils™ brand
is a Natural Skin Care Products Wholesaler in major catalogs and retail stores
across the nation.
Proudly supporting Health and Wellness businesses and consumers through healthy lifestyle resources and unique
body care products.

Our luxurious products are made fresh with every order to ensure that your skin receives the vital nourishing, active ingredients it deserves. 


Our Fresh Approach products are naturally formulated with premium quality ingredients that are 100% safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin; while effectively healing troubled skin disorders, such as, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Hives, Insect Bites, Rashes, Allergic Reactions, and more. 


All-Natural, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil is the base of all of our skin care products due to it's healing and natural effective anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties.


At CoCoCrazy Oils™ our goal is to raise Skin Conscience Awareness™ by offering helpful skin care insights, and by formulating only high quality All-Natural ingredients into each of our products....

100% Pure products that are completely free of chemicals, artificial ingredients, preservatives, negative substances, gluten, and animal cruelty. 


We look forward to providing you with skin care products you can trust to

Moisturize, Nourish, and Replenish....



Best wishes for health and happiness....

to you and your's.

My Journey to  Health and Happiness

Great To Meet You!




 began when my two daughters were born.

I spent my many sleepless hours captivated by their perfect flawless little features, the tiny blink of their eyelids while they dreamed, and how fresh and cuddly they were after a bath.

I was a mommy in love with my babies.

From then on through their childhood, I nourished, drenched and pampered them in rich oils and home-made body butters.

I realized by taking exquisite care of my children-that my own self care was just as important for maintaining vibrant,

healthy glowing skin as I aged.


Through the years that passed, hard work, 

and extreme stress took their toll as my physical health declined rapidly.

In 2004 I was diagnosed with MS. And the following year I suffered severe adrenal fatigue which led to Graves Disease. With only 3 days to live, I was rushed into surgery for a Complete Thyroidectomy.


Soon after, I searched for ways to heal myself without taking medications and gratefully discovered the healing benefits of Yin/Anusara Yoga and Meditation. And I just have to say...between continuous prayer, yoga, proper nutrition and dedication, I have been given the strength to persevere victoriously through the biggest challenges of my life.

Today, I am so very blessed to have a life of happiness...surrounded by serenity and positive influences, and the opportunity to create

a thriving company.

Now, let me tell you how my company came to life.

I was on a trip to visit my sister in early 2015, and on the drive, my phone had fallen between the car seat and console. (And I'm sure you know how awkward it can be to retrieve those french fries, straws, earrings, pencils, coupons, gum, loose change and an occasional piece of sandwich, right!?) It's a struggle for sure.

So, I pulled over into a church parking lot and remembered my little mini jar of coconut oil that I packed with my shampoo. I rubbed a little on my hands and Bingo! I had the phone out in no time.

And my hands felt so nourished too.


That's when the idea of creating a natural skin care product was born!

So, right away I talked to my friend about designing a brand and labels. And together with creative dedication, the ideas kept flowing and growing and since developed into an entire line of unique luxurious formulas.

 JoJo Clark