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Frequently asked questions

How long is the shelf life of your products?

In testing, our products have a two year shelf life, and have actually improved in texture and flavor over time, due to anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal agents in the coconut oil that absorb and purify the other ingredients ading extended formula life.

How long is the use your product once opened?

As with all of our skin care products, a little goes a long way! My Flawless Facial Restore lasts me almost a month. I use it in fingertip amounts twice a day. Once the product touches my skin, it melts and glides easily, covering my whole face with just a small amount.

What makes CoCoCrazy Oils so unique?

We use a total of 15 all-natural basic ingredients, plus numerous all-natural sweetened flavorings that are uniquely formulated in different amounts, methods, and processed specifially and uniquely for each product. Each formula is made fresh with each order and created with care. We are commitment to providing you with only the best in 100% Pure ingredients. Our products are proven, and not only completely safe for you and the environment, but extremely beneficial to all skin types. Our products offer you the most beneficial active ingredients to keep your skin Moisturized, Nourished and Replenished. We provide unique nature-made formulas using ingredients with natural processes, rich texture, delicious flavor....delivering a fresh and effective new line of Personal Skin Care.

Why are natural ingredients so beneficial to our bodies?

The ingredients we include in each of our products provide nourishing properties derived from nature. We know that our bodies are Carbon Based, (aka Organic Molecules) as in, our hair, skin, and cells all contain huge amounts of carbon....which is literally the base of our biological makeup.And in fact, 97% of the human body is created out of only six elements; hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfer, phosphorous and carbon. The other 3% of our bodies is a mix of metal and minerals, such as iron, calcium, sodium, etc. So, our bodies immediately recognize, absorb and thrive from natural based properties.

I've noticed you have the word, "Natureceutical" listed with some of your products. What does that mean?

Yes, Natureceutical has a two part meaning for a natural remedy. The definition of Nature means, "The elements of the natural world" and Ceutical means or includes, "a range of products that are designed to work in or on the body. Ceuticals support the idea of Self Care. Managing personal health in order to improve or restore the body, treating or preventing disease. Ceuticals are not always prescribed products but are often available over-the-counter as supplements or topical applications." So, Natureceutical products are a valuable choice in your healthy skin care routine.

I just found your website and products through a link on The Girl Who Ate Everything website and I'm glad I did.
One question: My 12 year old daughter is a type 1 diabetic. Is there any "sugar" in the lip balm that could effect her blood sugar? ~ Jessica

Hello Jessica,

Thank you for your email, and great question!

Since I am not a licensed physician, I can not give you an exact answer, however, I can tell you that our Lip Balms do contain a good amount of natural sweetened flavorings and sweetener, ( so we can't help but lick our lips because it tastes so amazing ). Although, used as a topical balm, each application contains such a small amount of sweetener, it should have little affect on the blood sugar levels, if at all.
We know many of our elderly customers are diabetics and have had no negative affects whatsoever relating to our sweetened products...but please check with your physician first.

I hope this answers your question.

JoJo Clark, CEO