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Mar 20

Meet Ciaara Hoffmann


Edited: Mar 20

Founder of GlowFitLife.

The Stylish, BPA-free infusion bottle for detox water on-the-go.


Previously, on Blog Insights, we discussed why Water is essential for our bodies to stay in vibrant health.


WebMD reports, "Drinking water is one of the best things you can do to keep your skin in shape. It keeps your skin moist -- and that makes fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. It also helps your cells take in nutrients and get rid of toxins. And it helps with blood flow, keeping your skin glowing. The common advice is to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but you may not need exactly that many. The water in fruits, veggies, juice, and milk counts toward your total."


For most of us, drinking multiple glasses of water each day doesn't sound too appealing. However, if you add a detoxing blend of tea or fresh fruits, lemon, cucumber and even ice to your water, it becomes a refreshing, vibrant infusion of nourishing benefits. And when you combine that with a beautiful, stylish, versatile infusion bottle, you'll be more inspired to keep your health goals on track each day.

Ciaara Hoffmann, an Extraordinary Entrepreneur, shares how her personal project became a passion.



"The FusionBottle™ is a really personal project for me because when I was trying to lose weight for my wedding, I had digestion problems and it made me feel bloated and tired.

Nobody ever told me that if I just drank more water, it would help me slim down and have more energy.



Unfortunately most places you go, there aren't many options for beverages. It's usually either soda, water or juice (which is usually processed and full of sugar). And when there are healthy juice options, it can get really expensive.


It's a small thing, to drink water, but if you make it fun and enjoyable and normal, it can make a big difference in your health. And it's a small step, but often small steps lead to big changes, and when you dive in next thing you know you're halfway towards your goals.



You don't need to be that creative or good at mixing drinks. You don't need to cut up fruit. I hate it, and like you, I'm busy most of the time. What I do instead is buy frozen, organic berries and leave my FusionBottle™ in the fridge overnight so it's ready to go for the next day.


I love it because it's stylish and easy to carry. I travel a lot so this is really handy to just throw in my purse with lemon water when I am on the go. It's made of double-walled high borosilicate glass so it's very strong and can handle hot or cold water.


If you drink water, then you could be drinking delicious water instead, with almost no extra effort. It's easy to procrastinate, but if you want to be healthy, it all starts by taking that first step."



Shop GlowFitLife!

Easy to clean, easy to carry, and comes with a removable tea infuser. Good for hot or cold beverages.


*We're happy to feature Ciaara, with her permission here on "Let's Talk!" Community Forum.

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  • Kasia Gosbos is Leaving her Legacy as an Extraordinary Entrepreneur by empowering creative leaders through her own passion for excellence, determination and inspirational creativity. Read how Kasia's Leaders In Heels story began: " I worked in Poland as a management accountant until 2008, when I decided to step out of my comfort zone and seek out new experiences that would stretch my career, and me as a person. So I left my life behind and moved to Australia. In this new world, I encountered women from many different walks of life. I realized that some women succeeded in shaping their career and life, while other women didn’t. Intrigued, I started interviewing successful women in Australia to connect with them, learn from them and then share their experiences with other women. Leaders in Heels was born. ... My name is Kasia Gospos, and I'm the founder of Leaders in Heels. I design inspirational stationery to help women develop habits of successful leaders and to encourage them to go after their dreams and make their mark on the world. Leaders in Heels started as a blog where I interviewed inspiring women and created articles with an educational focus. I wanted to provide a forum where women can be inspired and empowered to take charge of their own lives, whether in the boardroom or outside of it. In 2014 I ventured into creating stationery with the same purpose to help women grow as leaders by creating daily habits through products such as notebooks, journals and planners that they use every day. I wanted to find a way to influence women's lives on a daily basis and help them create new habits. To create a new habit, you need to work on it for 60 to 90 days. I realized that stationery is something women use on a daily basis, so why not make it a tool to help them develop the habits of successful leaders? I wanted to help women build confidence, develop leadership traits they could use in every aspect of their lives, and create fulfilling personal lives. I wanted the stationery to share inspirational quotes, challenge them, and become part of their daily routine. I based the first stationery line, Make Your Mark, around the Leaders in Heels manifesto, which promotes six key traits of successful leaders: passion, creativity, innovation, confidence, determination and kindness. It makes me so happy to see our products being purchased by managers, coaches, parents, schools and universities, as well as being used as self-development tools and simply inspiring kick-ass stationery. We're a small team, but we've sold over 30,000 books! It’s exciting to see the orders come in, and who or where they're being shipped to. We have shipped to countries all over the world, and also to employees from companies like Google, BHP, American Express and many more. I'd love to see more women in leadership positions, and doing what they love. I hope that Leaders in Heels will be a positive platform for change. Leaders in Heels has grown so much from the small blog I started six years ago, and it's all thanks to the support of our amazing online community of women that we're still here today. My grand vision for Leaders in Heels is to grow it into an international brand that produces inspiring stationery. Eventually, I want to have brick-and-mortar stores all over the world so I can reach even more girls and women." Visit Kasia's Website to learn more about her beautiful Make Your Mark Stationery and Phenomenal Women Planners. * Our gratitude to Kasia for her permission to feature her Leaders In Heels story here on Let's Talk! Community Forum - Leaving A Legacy.