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Mar 20

The Girl Who Ate Everything


Edited: Mar 27

Let's Talk Favorite Foodies!


Her recipes are plentiful and ohhh....so amazing.

Packed full of deliciously healthy ingredients that you and your family will love!

These savory dishes, appetizers, desserts and party snacks are a must-try.


Meet Christy Denney from The Girl Who Ate Everything . She's a food-aholic, and can't be left alone with a warm cinnamon roll or chocolate chip cookie.


"I am the mother to three wild and crazy boys and two sweet little girls. I grew up in Mesa, Arizona and am the youngest of ten kids. I love to dance. I took ballet and contemporary dance for 14 years. I also played the viola for 10 years so music is a big part of my life. Which is why on any given day, you can find me in the kitchen with the tunes cranking!


I graduated from BYU with a degree in Computer Science and worked at a Forensic Science software company until I had my first son in 2005 but I still get in the trenches every once in a while. We’ve been living in sunny Florida for 10 years now where my husband plays for the Miami Dolphins."


"I have always loved food but didn’t really start cooking and baking until I got married and realized I needed to feed this huge man! We’ve been married 14 years and The Man Who Ate Everything gets the benefits of the dishes that turn out and stomachs the ones that don’t.



The one question people ALWAYS ask how I am not 500 lbs and the answer is…hmm…I don’t know. I do like running and am slowly, ever slowly learning moderation. But I really, really love to eat.


I started working for Tablespoon and General Mills in October of 2010 doing freelance writing and recipe development. I couldn’t ask for a better company to work for. I just recently ended my work there to make more room for my crazy life with five kids.

My cookbook has over 100 recipes: 90 brand new recipes and 10 favorites from the blog. Each recipe has a photo of the finished dish because that’s what I personally look for in a cookbook.


It’s full of family recipes and other recipes brainstormed while I was running. From Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms to S’mores Cookie Cups, I promise you will find something you love. The Girl Who Ate Everything Cookbook is sold at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Costco stores! Hardcover copies are being sold at Deseret Book. It is also available on iTunes, Nook, and Kindle."

Visit: Christy's Food Blog


We're happy to feature our favorite foodies here on Let's Talk! Forum. If you have favorites foodies that you would like to share, just Log in with your comments, and suggestions.



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  • The healthy lifestyle foodie from "The Basic House Wife" blog... Along with her friend, Mykklyn Stanzione who shares Kaitlin's same vision for a vibrant life; Together, they have created a beautiful, "Good Food-Good Mood" blog filled with their favorite recipes and related products that inspire us to live a healthy, happy, mindful lifestyle. Kaitlin shares her journey with us... " My name is Kaitlin Vigil, from "The Basic House Wife" cooking blog. I have always had a joy for baking cakes and cupcakes, but my love for cooking all categories of food started once I got married and my husband and I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. I graduated from The University of Utah with a Bachelors in Elementary Education and taught 6th grade for a year before I took time off to follow my husband for his job. I am currently living in Washington D.C. with my husband Zachary Vigil who is a linebacker for the Washington Redskins. With us moving so often it was hard for me to hold a job and that is when I discovered my love for cooking. Aside from my cooking passion, you can find me in the mountains hiking, snowboarding or riding my horses!" On her blog, Kaitlin encourages us to... "Discover how you can look and feel better by choosing "Super Foods" that burst with powerful nutrients and even taste great. Super foods can help reduce physical signs of aging and lower the risks of illness such as heart disease, cancer, and stroke. We have hundreds of yummy recipes and snacks for all different taste buds - kids, vegans, gluten free intolerant and many more, all while keeping in mind a healthy diet and feeling younger every day." To Learn More, visit Kait & Myk at The Basic House Wife cooking blog. * Our thanks to Kaitlin Vigil for her contribution here on Let's Talk Community Forum.