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  • Etiquette Simplified In a recent article written last week on Etiquette and Eating Habits , a meaningful explanation was given on our cultural values. The writer thoughtfully expressed that, "No society can survive or flourish unless its members accept rules governing food sharing and consumption. Mealtime manners, which govern the way food is eaten in the company of others, provide for giving and receiving small, vital, and constantly reiterated signs that these rules are in working order... Civilized and considerate people the world over demand that meals shall be eaten with respect, not only for the food and the effort and good fortune it represents but also for the people in whose company it is eaten. Human beings normally eat in the company of others. The word "company" is derived from Latin, meaning "bread with," and therefore "those who share food." The act of sharing a meal becomes a symbol of every kind of relationship and of the acceptance of cultural values that may seem to have little to do with consuming nutrients. Since eating normally happens more than once a day, human beings turn meals into opportunities to learn and to practice "culture." Politeness at meals provides daily exercise in making socially desirable norms "second nature."" Doesn't it make sense that etiquette should always be implemented into our daily meal plans and a part of our everyday healthy lifestyle choices? With intentional planning we can continually create elegant settings that encompass our foods choices as well. But in the words Linda often quotes from Dorothea Johnson, Founder at The Protocol School Of Washington, "What we don't know, we don't know." So, to help turn our Dining Dilemmas into Dining Solutions, Co-Authors, Rosemarie Burns and Linda Reed have written an easy-to-follow guide book on table setting protocol, manners, and etiquette. With so many ways of entertaining, you'll quickly learn through step-by-step diagrams, "how to be a confident host and savvy guest." The IPPY Award Winner, Which Fork Do I Use? Confident and Comfortable Dining is a rich source of information, designed to guide both the novice and seasoned host in creating memorable dining experiences, and to alleviate the nervousness that comes with entertaining. You’ll love the in-depth table setting information and beautifully illustrated graphics for preparing the table for all occasions-from a simple breakfast to a six-course formal affair. Be amazed and amused by party ideas and fun historical dining tidbits that you can use to entertain your guests. Includes hundreds of illustrations depicting a vast array of serving utensils (perhaps some of which you never knew existed), glassware, barware, dinnerware and serveware, correct dining etiquette, and more! Rosemarie and Linda co-founded the etiquette consulting firm of Burns & Reed Enterprise in 1998 and Manners Simply in 2010, with offices in Danville, California and Eugene, Oregon. Many of their students have assumed that since they teach etiquette they came from privileged backgrounds. Quite the contrary; their beginnings were humble. Rosemarie grew up in a working class neighborhood in Oakland, California, while Linda grew up in a rural farming community in Oregon. They had rich but simple lives centered around family, food and friends. A desire for perfection drove Linda and Rosemarie to seek more knowledge, confidence, and refinement. They recognized the only way to achieve this personal growth was through expert training. It was this training that brought the two of them together at The Protocol School of Washington in our nation’s capital. They mastered the coursework and have been teaching seminars together ever since. Rosemarie and Linda are known for their passion about entertaining! They love the creative process of planning, cooking, and inviting others to join in. Rosemarie and Linda’s goal in writing Which Fork Do I Use? Confident and Comfortable Dining is for hosts and guests at any level of experience to be encouraged, inspired, and confident enough to entertain and dine well. You too can prepare great food, create new ideas and memories when gathered around a table with family and friends! In addition to their elegant book, Burns and Reed's Consulting Service, Manners Simply offers Etiquette, Protocol, Training and Seminars for their clients. With a combined 43 years of experience in dining and etiquette seminar instruction, both Burns and Reed are certified to instruct in the areas of American and Continental Styles of Dining, Social Etiquette, Tea and Etiquette, Business – International Etiquette and Protocol, and Dining and Etiquette for Children, Teens and Adults. Clients within the Manners Simply portfolio include Fortune 500 executives, business owners, college athletes, fraternal and professional organizations members, international clients, aspiring young entrepreneurs, medical professionals, stay-at-home moms and dads, teens and children. Manners Simply offers customized programs for businesses, associations, and conventions. Burns and Reed bring years of practical experience to these fun, factual, and information packed training seminars and can tailor a seminar, lecture, or dining event to fit your needs. Which Fork Do I Use? is the perfect gift or keepsake for daily dining and for all generations to enjoy. A few of the things you’ll find inside: *Table setting basics *14 beautifully illustrated table setting diagrams: Breakfast, Brunch, One-course casual lunch or dinner, Two to Six-course dinners, Dessert, Fondue and Sushi course *Buffet and Cheese Course *Entertain with Themed Parties (Progressive dinner or 70s party, plus more) *Contemporary dining etiquette and manners *Host and guest guidelines *American and Continental eating styles with illustrated techniques *How to toast *Setting up a home bar *Wine pouring finesse *Dinner party planning tips and timeline *Invitations, menu cards, place cards, thank you notes *AND MORE! PLUS, a five page reference guide for tableware. What Other's Are Saying... " I didn’t realize how much I needed to learn about dining, entertaining and being a good guest until I read Which Fork Do I Use? This fantastic book is a great resource for party givers and professionals alike. I now have a valuable gift for each of my friends and colleagues – a copy of this book!” ~ Lisa Pinguelo, Marketing and Sales Director " This book is a must-read for everyone who entertains for business. Which Fork Do I Use? reduces the stress of hosting a dinner party or event for business in your home. This book is very helpful if you are a guest at a business party, dinner, or event. If you travel internationally it provides information that will give you confidence in social activities whether business or personal.” ~ Don Kingsborough, Former VP Global Retail and Strategic Development, PayPal *Our appreciation to Rosemarie and Linda for their permission in this featured article, here on Let's Talk! Forum. Be sure to follow Which Fork Do I Use? on Facebook and Instagram for the latest social content.