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Best Seller

"I love that this is made from all natural ingredients! It smells great, it's not messy, it's extremely versatile!"

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Customer Favorite

The "cream" is quite nice and smells

like a 'pina colada'.
The cream liquifies in your fingers.

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5-Star Product


Amazing product. The scent alone puts you in the best of moods.


Friction Addiction Intimate Oils

CoCoCrazy Oils - Friction is a unique massage oil that provides and sustains long lasting moisture and nourishing benefits in an edibly delicious formula. 

From a cold-pressed solid formula, to liquid silk bliss...

Friction instantly melts to touch, moisturizing and nourishing your skin

with fresh, active beneficial properties.


The light, sweet scent of Coconut mixed with our special blend of rich oils and delicious flavors arouse the senses and invigorate the taste buds.

Scoop out a generous or moderate amount of Friction and allow it to

melt on your skin. Apply as desired. 

Just a little goes a long way! 

Our special blend of 100% all natural oil ingredients is healthy and beneficial to all skin types, without leaving the sticky or jelly residue that most other products do. 

All of our skin care products are formulated with nature derived rich oils that are packed with nutritional healing benefits...providing anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, 

and anti-fungal properties that prevent and heal infections.

Available in 9 mouth-watering confections.

~ Thousands of satisfied customers ~ 

(no pun intended...well, maybe just a little. Wink! )