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Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Staying Inspired on your Wellness Journey

Are you still keeping up with your healthy new year goals?

About a quarter to mid-year through, most of us begin to waver. And by years end, our intentions end up waiting in a long line of procrastination.  

Staying on top of self care is not always an easy task for me. Although I mean well, my healthy diet and exercise routine gets disrupted more than it should.

I rush off to town, postponing my morning walk or yoga routine until tomorrow and forgetting my tall thermos of cucumber, lemon, ice water infusion and snack bar. After a few hours of running errands, my energy level is depleting and I'm parched, famished and feeling like I just swallowed a tumbleweed. Does this sound familiar? 

So I spot the golden arches and make a hasty choice. We can all relate, right? "I'll just zip through McDonald's and grab a sweet tea and fries real quick." I tell myself. "But this is the LAST TIME!" (uh huh)

Learning to plan ahead by including the important details of self care throughout the year and staying committed to a healthy lifestyle in our fast paced world is a challenge for sure. However, it is easily manageable. I have found that if I schedule my needs into my day planner, the day ahead flows so smoothly. 

There is something about physically writing down our long and short term goals, dreams, life purpose, schedules, daily and monthly tasks, wellness and eating routines, and also what we are grateful for that is proven to boost brain power and a positive attitude by relieving stress and building our memory and attention span. We are more apt to mentally retain and prepare for the task at hand

Seeing the day in writing sets the tone for assertive productivity. And checking off each task as the day unfolds is confidently satisfying as well.

Have you tried Moleskin's Wellness Journal? It is my favorite inspiration for charting my wellness journey.

I recommend investing in a journal that motivates your healthy intentions. Maintaining a wellness or fitness journal allows us to track our daily productivity and see our first-hand accomplishments. It can be a powerful tool in staying committed to your goals. Another great journal for tracking your wellness journey is Life And Apples.

Determine why you’re doing it!

"Why do you want it? It’s hard to stick to goals when you don’t know why you set them in the first place. Try writing down your reasons on a note card and putting it on your mirror. Here are a few questions to help determine why a goal is important to you:

● Why do you want to set this goal?

● What will happen when you accomplish it or make it a habit?

● How does this bring you closer to the person you want to be?

● How will this goal improve your life?

Setting health goals is tough, but pursuing them without a purpose is even harder. Make these goals personal. When you feel like slacking, remind yourself that you committed to these lifestyle changes for good reason.

“There is no one giant step that does it. It’s a lot of little steps.” -Unknown

Stock your fridge!

If diet is your main focus, don’t leave your fridge to chance. If you aren’t stocking up on healthy foods you enjoy, then you’re more likely to indulge in unhealthy snacks or overeat trying to satisfy a craving through other foods. Stay motivated by making a meal plan and having things like nuts, berries and veggies on hand. “When you have the right snacks available, you can curb cravings and provide vital nutrients to support fitness gains,” says,

Schedule your exercise

I once heard that you should schedule your workouts like you schedule your doctor appointments; don’t let other to dos, phone calls or appointments get in the way of this time. Even if you can’t exercise at the same time daily, be sure to include it when you plan each day. Then you’ll have time to mentally prepare and won’t cut your time short.

Mark your calendar

Another fun way to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle is to see your progress over time. Put a calendar on your wall or use a planner and write an “X” on days you stick to your goals, whether it’s going all day with no sugar, drinking more water, sleeping longer or taking your vitamins. Seeing your own consistency will make you think twice about skipping the next day.

Take progress photos

Sometimes it’s hard to see whether or not you’ve made progress, especially when it’s so gradual. Take regular progress photos to prove to yourself how far you’ve come, stay motivated, and track your progress over time. Schedule it into your calendar each month so you don’t forget. Even if you don’t feel like you’ve progressed when you look in the mirror, you can’t deny the changes you see in a photo when comparing it to another. This is great for weight goals, skincare or hair health/length.

Write in a journal

Journaling is another great way to track your progress and stay committed. Keep a food log to stay accountable for what you eat each day, record how you feel as you implement healthy habits, and reflect on why you continue to work on these goals. Try posting your progress pictures in your journal so you can read about and see how far you’ve come. “Being able to physically write your goals for the year and track the action steps that are being taken toward them is a sure path to success,” says Matt Mayberry, CEO of Matt Mayberry Enterprises.

Social Media

Do you ever flip the TV channel and come across one of Nike’s motivational ads? Those always make me want to put on my running shoes and pound some pavement! If you scroll through Instagram or Pinterest on a regular basis, follow fitness bloggers and healthy lifestyle advocates. Then motivating and uplifting content will always be at your fingertips.

Making healthy lifestyle changes takes dedication, but you can do it! Use these tips to keep you on track and make those goals turn into habits."

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