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Exercise and Beautiful Skin

How does exercise promote healthy skin?

Exercise nourishes and revitalizes skin cells by increasing blood flow, which carries fresh oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and skin, and also helps detoxify, cleanse and promote working cells. 

Catherine Guthrie from Experience Life Magazine, describes "8 Ways Exercise Makes You Gorgeous."

Dr. Mercola explains, "One of the primary reasons why exercise is such a potent medicine for chronic disease is because it optimizes your insulin and leptin receptor sensitivity. Normalizing your glucose, insulin, and leptin levels will have a beneficial effect on virtually every disease state you could ever acquire.

But exercise also promotes the release of mood-boosting brain chemicals that help combat depression, and more superficially, it can go a long way toward improving your complexion; clearing up acne and warding off signs of premature aging."

A daily exercise routine will keep your skin healthy and vibrant! Visit the Moleskine store to journal your Health & Wellness Journey. 

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