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Nutrition and Healthy Skin


Did you know that your skin plays a vital role in how you feel, as well as how you look?

It's so true! Our skin is an amazing barrier that protects our internal organs from harmful,

enviromental toxins and pathogens.

We know that poor lifestyle habits, genetics, hygiene, and health related issues predominately

affect our skin's health, but poor nutrition habits are even more damaging to skin tissue.

As the largest organ in the human body, our skin works really hard to maintain protection of our overall health. And the more we can contribute a healthy diet as our daily intake, the easier and more proficient our bodies can produce healthy skin tissue, reducing the aging process and supporting  a glowing, youthful appearance. 

Our skin reflects our health. So, choose a healthy nutritional routine adaptable to your lifestyle. 

Most of us are guilty of zipping through the drive through on the go, or even skipping meals throughout our busy days. Super unhealthy, right? Staying health conscience should be a main intention everyday. We have only one body, one life....let's take good care of it!

Moleskine has the perfect Wellness Journal to chart your meals and health routines, and provides accountability to your daily diet.

To learn more on Nutrition and Healthy Skin, click below to read Joy Bauer's article on 

 "How Food Affects Skin."

Check in soon so we can keep you encouraged to...

Love The Skin You Live In!

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