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Dr. Burn Balm

Dr. Burn Balm

SKU: 073331827128

100% Natural First-Aid Antiseptic Ointment


This powerfully proven-effective, pain relieving balm soothes the burn on contact while instantly healing even the deepest burns, cuts, scrapes, poison ivy, poison sumac, open wounds, and so much more. 


A Must-Have for every school, home, workplace and auto.


Don't leave home without it!

  • Directions

    Apply as needed. As with all of our products, little goes a long way.
    Avoid contact with eyes as tingling and blurred vision may occur.

  • A CoCoCrazy Oils™ Natureceutical Product

    Natureceutical has a two part meaning for a natural remedy. The definition of Nature means, "The elements of the natural world" and Ceutical means or includes, "a range of products that are designed to work in or on the body.


    Ceuticals support the idea of Self Care. Managing personal health in order to improve or restore the body, treating or preventing disease. Ceuticals are not always prescribed products but are often available over-the-counter as supplements or topical applications."


    So, Natureceutical products are a valuable choice in your healthy skin care routine.

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