Grey Wood

  What  Other's  Are  Saying

"Love the name, love the logo, love the slogan ... Great marketing.

My personal favorite is Orange. Nothing like coconut oil with orange to make a crusty ole pirate sing like a parrot.

Awesome! Aaaarrrrrggghhh.!"

~ Steven Thompson

"CoCoCrazy Oils are amazing and fun, the flavors are yummy!

I love natural and coconut oil based products so these are a perfect match for me.

I will also be purchasing these wonderful items for stocking stuffers and party favors.

Good stuff!"

~ Beth Anne

"This is ONE of the MOST AMAZING products I have seen in a very

long time.

It can be used by ANYONE young or old. It's very moisturizing. It's 100% natural and it's edible!

Makes dry cracked feet smooth, dry elbows and dry hands moist.

It smells delicious."

~ Sarah Geockner

"I love this stuff!!!!

The flavors are great, and they really taste like the real thing.

My skin is really soft after use as well, an added benefit!"

~ Michelle Connolly

"I am 71 and my brown spots are becoming so light in just a

few weeks.

I can hardly believe my own eyes...and my skin is so soft that my husband is always reaching for my hand."

~ Bonnie Jean

"LOVE these products!

The lip balm is amazing and the Friction Addiction is

beyond wonderful!

It smells great, tastes delicious and feels unlike any other product I've tried." 

~ Amanda Hawthorne